The Mexico Business Summit was created in 2003 at the initiative of Miguel Aleman Velasco then the Governor of the state of Veracruz, who serves as Chairman of the Summit, providing leadership and guidance for the development of the annual meeting. The creation of the Summit responded to the increasing need for a non-partisan, independent platform bringing together political and business leaders, along with thought and media personalities from Mexico and abroad to think the future of Mexico in a changing global context.

The Summit has now become the Number One business and economic event not only in Mexico but for the whole region..


The Mexico Business Summit is now the platform of choice to discuss in an outcome-oriented way the crucial challenges shaping the future of Mexico and the key issues impacting on the relationship between Mexico and its main economic partners. The mission of the Summit is:

To sustain a constructive dialogue between political and business leaders, along with civil society and the media, that contributes to addressing Mexico’s challenges and helps boost higher growth and greater social cohesion

To help identify new business opportunities and creating new relationships among the business community in Mexico and between Mexican and foreign business leaders

To generate new initiatives and provide new approaches relevant to the economic, political and social context in Mexico

To provide participants with insights and updates on the new trends and development shaping the global economic and geopolitical context that impacts on Mexico’s own trajectory.


The Premier business event in Mexico and in the region

A high-profile non-profit, privately-led event.

An exclusive, by invitation only, event national in its focus, global in its perspective, providing an open platform for the expression of diverse perspectives and approaches from all segments of Mexico´s society.

An event connecting Mexico with the global environment in which business have to operate and compete, and creating the context for a fruitful dialogue with Mexico´s economic partners.

A unique group of speakers and participants comprising top level business leaders, political personalities, and renowned academic experts from Mexico and abroad.

Innovative discussion formats leading to recommendations, new initiatives and programs that contribute to shaping Mexico´s future and help meet the challenges Mexico confronts in a global world.


More than 50% of participants at the Summit are “return participants”, who value the benefits they draw from their involvement in the Summit.

Initiatives launched by the Summit and a number of topics addressed “ahead of the curve” since 2003 have now become integral part of the national agenda.

The Summit is the place where new relationships, new ideas translating into new projects, where dialogue and action come together.

The Mexico Business Summit is the leading platform for results-oriented discussion on policy options and business initiatives that will help drive economic growth in Mexico and the region, and will strengthen and expand their economic and business connections with their commercial partners in the global scenario.