Mexico Business Summit's 18th edition
November 8-10, 2020

Mazatlán, Sin.


Mexico Business Summit
Cancun, October 20-22

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A formula for Mexico’s growth: Innovation + Inclusion + Reliability

The Mexico Business Summit’s 17th edition will take place in a bleaker economic environment marked by recession and an economic, commercial and technological war between the United States and China. Mexico is taking stock of AMLO’s first year in power, while the United States will hold elections next year and Latin America has seen many changes in government. Discussions at the Summit will focus on identifying and leveraging the key elements of the formula for Mexico’s growth, while taking into account the fast technological changes and the digitization of economies at the global level.

Cancún, Quintana Roo

Cancun has established itself as Mexico’s main tourist destination. It has a wide range of natural and cultural attractions, as well as infrastructure and connectivity. There have been challenges and areas of opportunity that the current federal government has established as priorities to reactivate the Southeastern region.

Miguel Alemán Velasco
President of the Mexico
Business Summit

The Mexico Business Summit is a forum that gathers business, political, social and government leaders to promote a new stage of innovation and progress for Mexico’s economy and institutions that will inspire new generations.

We hope to have your interest and support as well as your participation in the next edition. It will be held in Cancun, Quintana Roo, from October 20 to 22 of this year.

Carlos Joaquín González
Governor of the State of
Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo is glad to host the 17th edition of the Mexico Business Summit. It will take place from October 20 to 22, 2019 in Cancun.
Based on the three main ideas of Innovation + Inclusion + Reliability, we will discuss global trends in matters of economics, technology, trade, finance, politics and in terms of investment opportunities for development.

It will be an honor for us to welcome you to Cancun, the most splendid global meeting point for business. This is the perfect fusion of the most important economic and business forum in Latin America and the leading global tourist destination not just in Mexico but also in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Some topics from this edition:

Outward Reach

  • The synchronized global economic slowdown and its implications for Mexico
  • Progress and opportunities for Mexico from the USMCA
  • Overview of international trade and its impact on Mexico's trade policy
  • Expanding Mexico’s trade policy: Europe, Asia, Latin America

The Challenges and Opportunities within

  • Taking stock after one year of AMLO’s administration
  • The government’s fight against crime and corruption
  • Energy policy and infrastructure
  • Specific sectors: tourism, health, aerospace sector, agriculture, among others
  • Climate change: domestic actions and impact on competitiveness

Technology & Innovation

  • Mexico and Industry 4.0
  • Fintech’s transformative impact
  • Digital inclusion as an economic and social catalyst
  • Talents and skills necessary for the new digital economy

Mexico Future Group

The Mexico Future group was created in 2011 in the context of the Mexico Business Summit. Its purpose is to gather young entrepreneurs who have started to leave their mark in business or politics and have demonstrated a sense of involvement in and commitment to Mexico’s future.

The benefits of belonging to the group include a preferential fee for the Mexico Business Summit, as well as a private program that starts on Saturday afternoon with sessions centered around current topics that directly impact business and the business environment. The participants of the program usually have the following profile:

  • They are under 40 years of age
  • They have started their own company or hold a strategic position in an existing company
  • They stand out as economic, political or social leaders

This is a unique group. It is limited to 100 members and it provides them the opportunity to actively interact with opinion leaders from Mexico and abroad to generate new ideas. It favors the creation of new business relationships and fosters collaboration between peers.

About us
Mexico Business Summit

In 2003 Miguel Alemán Velasco had the initiative to create the Mexico Business Summit, He was the governor of Veracruz at the time. The Summit was established as an answer to the growing need for a non-partisan, independent platform that could gather political and business leaders, as well as opinion leaders and media personalities from Mexico and abroad to discuss the country’s future in a shifting global context. The Summit has become the number one business event in Mexico and the region

The Mexico Business Summit is an annual high-impact, results-oriented platform that analyzes the crucial challenges Mexico faces and the key topics that affect the country’s relationship with its main economic partners.





  • • Top National and foreign business leaders.
  • • Political leaders, government representatives and officials from Mexico and abroad.
  • • Recognized specialists and academics of international renown.
  • • Media and opinion leaders.
  • • Personalities from civil society and NGOs.
  • • The next generation of leaders.


We have different costs to attend the 17th edition of Mexico Business Summit

    • $18,000 MXN + Tax

    • Future Group

      • Cost valid until the day of the event
      • Limited to 100 Participants
    • Register
    • To get the bennefits of this rate, the participant must attend to the Leaders of the Future Program

    • $22,000 MXN + Tax

    • Special Rate

    • Until August 31st

      • More than 30 sessions
      • Lunches and dinners during the event
    • Register
    • $27,000 MXN + Tax

    • Normal Rate

      • Until the event day
      • More than 30 sessions
      • Lunches and dinners during the event

    • Register
    • Chambers & Business Organizations

      • The participant must be part of the Chambers or Business Organizations that have an agreement with
        Mexico Business Summit.

10% on cancelations done before August 31st
60% on cancelations done between September 1st to 30th
NO REFOUND on cancelations done after October 1st


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The Mexico Business Summit is the leading platform for results-oriented discussion on policy options and business initiatives that will help drive economic growth in Mexico and the region, and will strengthen and expand their economic and business connections with their commercial partners in the global scenario.